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“We need to do all we can to ensure that good oral health is a priority in Spokane. Preventing problems early protects overall health and saves money for families. We all benefit when people in our community are healthy, and that includes good oral health.” Rob McCann, Executive Director, Catholic Charities of Spokane.

We couldn’t agree more!

Welcome to the Smile Spokane website. It’s exciting to see the Smile Spokane Partnership evolve into a broad-based effort to increase community awareness of the importance of oral health. Together we promote proven strategies that will have a lasting impact on the overall health of our community.

With the launch of our website, we hope to inform and engage the community in making good oral health a priority in Spokane. The reasons are many.

Why Oral Health Matters

Instinctively, most understand that good oral health is important. Good oral health benefits a child’s ability to focus and learn, it allows seniors to eat nutritious foods and fosters increased social interactions. In today’s service-sector economy, appearance matters. Adults with healthy teeth are at an advantage when interviewing for many jobs.

In some areas, Spokane is leading the charge in improving the oral health for certain population. We have excellent programs that are being held up as examples for other communities: the ABCD program, the Idea Clinic, Recovering Smiles,  and the DENT program, are just a few of the excellent examples.

Even with these effective programs, Spokane’s oral health lags behind other communities in the state. For example,

We believe we can, and in fact we must, do better. Our next blog post will explain what the Smile Spokane partnership is and how we make a difference in the health of the community.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will engage with us as we work to collectively improve the overall health of Spokane.

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About the Author:

Smile Spokane Liaison Jerrie is the owner of Impact Consulting Inc., currently working with Smile Spokane, a group of community leaders and organizations working to improve oral health in Spokane. Jerrie has 20 plus years’ experience in non-profit and government administration, having held leadership roles with United Way and City of Spokane. Jerrie has served on a number of boards, including her recent appointment to the WA State Pharmacy Commission. Jerrie is a longtime resident of the Spokane area, having moved here in the early 80’s to raise her family and be active in the community.

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