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In addition to the websites listed below, you can find valuable information and downloads on our materials page.

An image of The Mighty Mouth website.

The Mighty Mouth is an educational campaign launched throughout Washington State to help people understand that oral disease can be prevented.

An image showing the I Like My Teeth website.

The Campaign for Dental Health is a coalition of organizations that support prevention.
The coalition and its website are managed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

An image of the Seniors Oral Health website.

Arcora Foundation, provides valuable information and resources form you to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums to live a healthier life as the years go by.

An image showing the DENT website.


DENT (Dental Emergencies Needing Treatment)


An imasge of the Spokane Regional Health District Dental Information website.


Spokane Regional Health District | Dental Information


American Academy of Pediatrics | Dental Information


Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs | Dental Information


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Dental Information


Indian Health Service | Dental Information