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Making a Bigger Impact by Working Together

Spokane Lilac Princesses

Spokane Lilac Princesses

Smile Spokane has evolved from a small group of dedicated oral health champions working to bring community water fluoridation to Spokane, to a structured and comprehensive approach to improving oral health. Today, Smile Spokane serves as the coordinating body for the Spokane Local Impact Network, which is commonly referred to as the LIN.

The vision of the LIN is to implement a comprehensive set of strategies working toward the common goal of reducing health disparities in Spokane County. Through a health equity lens, the LIN applies the strategic framework of the Arcora Foundation (transformation, prevention, and access) into a place-based initiative. The Arcora Foundation, formerly known as the Washington Dental Service Foundation, serves as the backbone agency, providing expertise across disciplines and a state/national perspective to the work of the LIN.

The LIN will work toward improving health disparities through seven anchor strategies:

Community Care Coordination

This strategy is closely tied to the Oral Health Connections pilot, a comprehensive approach to increasing access and improve oral and overall health outcomes.

The pilot combines an enhanced benefit for eligible populations (e.g. more periodontal treatments/year) with funding for increased reimbursement rates for participating dental providers. Arcora Foundation provides the funding to support the wrap-around services that will help ensure the pilot’s success. These services include outreach to, and support for medical providers, dental providers, care coordinators, managed care organizations, and eligible Medicaid beneficiaries, to connect people with diabetes and pregnant women with the oral health care they need.

The Arcora Foundation – Oral Health Connections, serves as the lead organization for this strategy.

Opioid Prescription Practices

This strategy will be closely aligned with the Accountable Communities of Health efforts to reduce opioid-related mortality. Spokane Regional Health District will work with the dental community and other stakeholders to identify strategies that target prevention, treatment, and recovery supports.

Spokane Regional Health District serves as the lead organization for this strategy

Oral Health Integration into Primary Care

This strategy promotes whole person care with the goal of integrating oral health preventative care into 100% of primary care medical settings. Training, tools and technical assistance are provided to medical teams to address their patients’ oral health needs. Other efforts include working with health training programs to integrate oral health into health professional training programs, collaborating with accountable communities of health, and partnering with care delivery systems to implement models for integrated medical-dental care and population health.

The Arcora Foundation – serves as the lead organization for this strategy.

Increasing Access to Dental Services

This strategy is focused on doubling access to oral health services for adults enrolled in Medicaid and for seniors by identifying and implementing evidence-based or promising models for significantly increasing access for the target population.

Providence Health serves as the lead organization for this anchor strategy.

School Sealant Programs

This strategy will work with schools and community partners to develop and maximize school sealant programs in schools where more than 75 percent of the student population is enrolled in the free and reduced meal program. The vision is that 100 percent of students within these schools will receive sealants and get connected to a dentist for continued care.

Communities in Schools serves as the lead organization for this anchor strategy.

Co-located primary care, behavioral health, and oral health on a supportive housing campus

The vision for the co-location strategy is to reduce health inequities by increasing access to comprehensive care, including primary care, behavioral health, and oral health on a supportive housing campus.

Frontier Behavioral Health serves as the lead organization for this anchor strategy

Community Education

This strategy provides community education on the benefits of good oral health and the connection between oral health and overall health. This is done through a variety of communication channels including social media, the Smile Spokane website and presentations to community groups.

Smile Spokane serves as the lead organization for this anchor strategy.